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Introducing Better for All Compostable Cups in pure PHBH

100% biobased, nontoxic and fully compostable award-winning cups

9 & 18oz Better for All Compostable Cups

Better for All 9oz & 18oz compostable cups are made with pure PHBH, and designed to be collected and composted with food waste. Better for All cups are easy to recognize and sort, and certified to be both home compostable and commercially compostable.

Award Winning

2023 Nexty Award Winner Best New Natural Living Product

100% Biobased

Pure, nontoxic renewable biopolymer PHBH


18oz Event Cup fits standard 98mm flat and domed lids

9oz & 18oz Better for All Compostable Cups in pure PHBH


Unique, Patent Pending shapes

Heat Tolerant

Temp range 32 to 220 degrees Fahrenheit; Dishwasher-Safe; Marked improvement over PLA

Made by Microorganisms, Consumed by Microorganisms

Better for All cups are made with Kaneka Biopolymers' PHBH, the most compostable biopolymer available at scale today. PHBH is a member of the PHA family of bioplastics, blending resilience with the ability to compost in a wide range of environments. PHBH is FDA-approved for food contact and has earned seven TUV AUSTRIA certifications including:

  • 100% biobased
  • industrially compostable
  • home compostable
  • soil biodegradable
  • freshwater biodegradable
  • marine biodegradable
  • anaerobically digestable

For additional information about PHBH: faq page


Compostable vs. Recyclable

When fans purchase food at an event, the resulting waste—cups, containers, utensils and napkins—is contaminated with food scraps and residue. Once contaminated, even recyclable petroleum plastics and mixed media packaging must go to landfill. Compostable dishware, properly vetted by local composting partners, enables venues to radically increase the number of food scraps and food related dishware diverted from landfill to organics recycling, where it can all be transformed into soil amendments and landscaping materials.

Compostable is the best option for venue food service items, but not all compostables are made equal.

The Better for All PHBH cup is high heat tolerant—a marked improvement to PLA—and compostable in a wide range of environments.

The Better for All PHBH cup is the best limited-use plastic alternative available at scale today.

Through an aggressive (composting and recycling) program that included switching to compostable serviceware and packaging, the Seattle Mariners were able to improve their game-day waste diversion from 38 percent in 2009 to 90 percent today. ...This 90 percent diversion rate is saving Safeco field $100,000 per year.

NRDC Game Changers, 2015


Successful diversion rates rely on labor intensive back-of-house waste sorting. Standing out in a sea of clear plastic and plastic alternatives makes the Better for All Cup a huge asset for event operators. Sorting and diversion also has the added complexity of food waste contamination. The Better for All PHBH event cup's ability to be composted along with food waste improves waste diversion from landfills dramatically.