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Join Better for All: Calling All Sustainable Lifestyle Content Creators, Ambassadors, and Influencers!

call for creators and influencers and ambassadors

We’re on the Lookout for Passionate Creators, Ambassadors, and Influencers!

At Better for All, we believe that every celebration should not only be a moment of joy but also a step towards a more sustainable future. Our home compostable party cups are crafted to ensure that your celebrations leave a lasting impact on your memories, not the planet. We need you—passionate conscious consumers, sustainable lifestyle influencers, brand ambassadors, and UGC creators – to help spread this message.

Why Partner with Us:

We believe in the ripple effect of small changes leading to big impacts. By partnering with us, you’ll play a pivotal role in spreading awareness about sustainable living and showcasing how our compostable party cups can transform everyday actions into acts of environmental advocacy.

How to Join:

Simply fill out this Google Form.

It’s a quick way to share your interest and for us to learn more about you. We’re eager to collaborate with creators who are as passionate about the environment as we are.

Let’s create a sustainable future, one party at a time. Your voice matters, and together, we can show the world that being better for the environment is better for all.