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Raise Your Cup Game with Certified Home Compostable Event Cups!

"Here Today, Gone..."

The only thing you should be left with after your celebrations are many wonderful, hilarious, (embarrassing?) memories  – and maybe some photos.

Many party cups are not recyclable and will last decades in landfill. This is why we chose to make Better for All Cups from Green Planet™ PHBH™, a compostable “super” biopolymer. Green Planet™ PHBH™ is a product of fermentation and will be decomposed quickly by living soil microorganisms.

Better for All cups compost in 10 weeks in commercial composters, and less than 6 months in home composters. Finally, a solution you can celebrate!

Anatomy of a better cup

Our 16 oz cup is perfect for beer or soda, snugly fits 98mm lids with a curved cup wall for easy recognition. Lightweight for swift composting, our 16 oz cup is the ideal choice for a generous pour of your chilled favorites.

Our 8 oz cup has an elegant s-curve shape and is an ideal choice for 7-8.5 oz servings and smaller hands.

100% Biobased

TUV certified home compostable and BPI certified compostable

Hot or cold

High temperature resistant, dishwasher safe. Perfect for warm or cold beverages.

Shop local

Made in the USA.

Good vibes

Distinctive design and natural color makes our cups stand out in a crowd, and easy to sort.

Cups that fit into your lifestyle

Reusable resilience

Better for All Cups are heat resistant up to 212ºF, the temperature of boiling water. This means they won’t melt in your trunk, garage or warehouse, and are great for blending coffee drinks. This also means you can pop them in the dishwasher!


Made from pure Green Planet™ PHBH™, which is USDA certified 100% biobased.

End-of-life excellence

Certified home and commercially compostable, our cups will also biodegrade in airless environments like anaerobic composters and landfill.

Make the switch

Now it's a Party!

The Better Biopolymer

Green Planet™ PHBH™, or P-Hydroxy-Benzoate Hydroxylase, is a member of the PHA family of bioplastics. It’s not just biodegradable, it’s home compostable, soil degradable, and 100% biobased. Green Planet™ PHBH™ cups decompose in lower-temperature, backyard compost heaps.

  • Made by fermentation using soil microorganisms.
  • Biodegrades in various environments, including airless landfills.
  • Free from harmful chemicals throughout its lifecycle.

By choosing our Green Planet™ PHBH™ cups, you’re not just buying a product, you are raising the cup game.

Build a better environmental legacy at home.