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Leveraging the power of the collective to make the world Better for All.

9oz & 18oz Better for All Compostable Cups in pure PHBH

Our ‘Win-Win-Win’ Mission

We founded Better for All to help make sustainability more attainable and undeniably better for all stakeholders. We started with a disposable event cup for large event venues for a few reasons.

Help businesses achieve Zero Waste.

We provide businesses with a tangible, quantifiable solution for improving venue / event sustainability requiring zero additional procurement effort that also saves on post-event waste management labor.


Create customer well-being by matching action to word.

We give consumers the opportunity to participate in positive change while doing something they love.


Do better, today.

Using the Better for All cup reduces the amount of landfill-bound waste created at large music and sporting events. Contributing to successful waste diversion has a an immediate, positive impact on local host communities and the environment as a whole.


Small Change, Exponential Impact

cup and logo

Now imagine the world 50 years from now if all food and yard wastes—indeed all wastes—were recovered for distribution to the needy, for reuse, for recycling, for anaerobic energy recovery, and for composting. When it comes to ecological stewardship, what we can do, we must do. The future is ours to build.

Allen HershkowitzDirector, Sports Project & Solid Waste Project Natural Resources Defense Council

Our Commitment

  • We make products that are verifiably nontoxic to humans, animals and plants.

  • Our products are manufactured with renewable materials that can break down or fully biodegrade into water and air.

  • We third party lab certify that our materials are what we say they are.

  • We stay at the forefront of sustainable materials development.