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Events are notoriously NOT sustainable…
However, as we’ve seen with @tortugamusicfestival, that doesn’t have to be the norm! 
Venues around the world need to hear from us, the attendees, and let them know what we want…
Here’s a mini guide for making any event more sustainable. 
➡️ Hire composting services for the event
➡️ Choose composting certified drinkware, plates/utensils, & dinnerware 
➡️ Limiting (or eliminating) single-use plastics
➡️ Sourcing food as locally as possible
➡️ Donating excess food 
It’s possible if the largest shareholders (attendees) show it matters to them. 
Tag your favorite venue in the comments to let them know you want sustainable events!
#sustainableevents #compostablecups #singleuseplastic
Composting is an environmentally friendly way to turn “waste” into an amazing natural resource🌿
Organic material in the LANDFILL:
✖️ Organic waste is smothered by trash 
✖️ Leads to anaerobic decomposition 
✖️ Releasing excess methane into the atmosphere
Organic material COMPOSTED: 
✔️ Organic waste is mixed with carbon sources 
✔️ Leads to aerobic (oxygen) decomposition 
✔️ Result: nutrient rich finished compost 
Composting for waste management is the present and the future. 
Follow @betterforall for more composting information 🙌
📸: @liverenuable
#compostables #composting #zerowastelivingtips
The news is full of articles about the dangers petroleum plastics pose to human health- and for every 1% increase in petroleum plastic production, there is a 1% increase in plastic pollution! 1:1! Petroleum plastics, especially food contact, leach toxins and create microplastics that infiltrate our bodies and the food we eat, the water we drink. ENOUGH we say - we have spent years developing a cup line using material that is a food source for soil microbes—made by microorganisms for microorganisms. No additives, no colors, no sprays, just pure PHBH. Enjoy your drink in PEACE!  #compostablecup #partycup #cups #zerowaste #raiseyourcups
@coachella #raiseyourcups
It matters what cup you raise up 💯
Choosing a cup that helps the Earth instead of harming it is one way you can live out your sustainability values 
Red solo cups are made of a toxic, non-recyclable plastic - toxic to make, and toxic at its end of life 😵
Our cups are made of PHBH, a compostable biopolymer that is @bpicertified to break down in commercial composting facilities in 10 weeks
As a thank you for caring about your cup, we’re doing a giveaway! 🥳
Post a pic or video of your Better for All cup, raised UP high!
Use #RaiseYourCups for a chance to be one of the 3 winners for a $100 gift card 🤑
Make sure to tag @betterforall_co and use the hashtag #RaiseYourCups
Giveaway ends April 30 
In a world of Solo Cups, be a compostable cup - be a Better For All Cup!
#raiseyourcups #composting #reducewaste
170,000 cups 🤯 @tortugamusicfestival 
These cups could have ended up in the landfill but instead, they’re being diverted through composting ♻️ thanks to @liverenuable
Tortuga Music Festival is a 3-day festival hosted by @rocktheocean and is all about ocean conservation & awareness 
Land-based pollution is one of the biggest threats to aquatic life like turtles, sharks, coral reefs, and more.
Concerts typically generate a LOT of waste so compostable cups are a great solution to a growing problem
🚨Solo Cups are NOT recyclable🚨
Thanks to everyone for #RaiseYourCups for a sustainable cause!
Follow for more sustainable events 🙌
#tortugamusicfestival #compostable #sustainableevents
GIVEAWAY! You could win a party prize pack, worth up to $125! Celebrate with your favorite drinks, on us!
To enter:
- Take a photo or video of your Better for All cup raised high
- Publish it on your IG or TikTok
- Tag @betterforall_co and #RaiseYourCups
- Bonus: follow us @betterforall_co on IG or TikTok. 
Winners- three (3) winners will be randomly selected. One (1) winner will receive a $100 cash gift card and a sleeve of Better for All cups to celebrate with your favorite beverages. Two (2) winners will receive $50 cash gift card and a sleeve of Better for All cups each. 
Eligibility- 18+, US only. Winners will be notified via DM by this account. First round ends 4/30/24.
Not sponsored or endorsed by IG or Facebook.
Ongoing Sea Turtle rescue at  @loggerheadmarinelifecenter in Florida- Jay Allen, a loggerhead in recovery, had a fish hook removed from his nose and is on antibiotics. Sea turtle conservation is one of @rocktheocean ‘s funding missions.
Great music + ocean conservation + Florida beaches? We’re in! @tortugamusicfestival kicks off in 4 days with Better for All compostable cups in all concessions. Enjoy without adding to landfill!
#compostablecups #homecompostable #reusable #tortugamusicfestival