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April 17, 2023

From Greenwashing to Accountability

With spending power of $140 billion, engaging GenZ is something retailers are eager to understand.
March 7, 2023

Better for All 18oz Compostable Cups win a Nexty Award!

Geosphere’s Better for All Wins a 2023 Expo West NEXTY Award
Week 8 Better for All PHBH Cup Commercial Composting TestComposting The Cup
October 21, 2022

Commercial Composting Certification 2022

In September 2022 Better for All PHBH Cups PASSED Commercial Compostable Certification.
Week 12 Better for All PHBH 18 oz event Cup undergoing Home Compost Certification Testing in the LabComposting The Cup
October 21, 2022

Home Compostable Certification 2022

The Better for All 18 oz Cup PASSED Home Composting Certification December 2022.
Week 1_fresh water decomposition testsComposting The Cup
October 18, 2022

Fresh Water Tests Spring-Summer 2022

We make Better for All cups with a bio-based material called PHBH. PHBH is a form of PHA, a second generation plant based polymer that is non-toxic and certified to fully…
green sports allianceCare
August 17, 2022

Better for All Joins the Green Sports Alliance

Better for All is pleased to announce membership in the Green Sports Alliance, a consortium of stakeholders in amateur, college and professional sports.
cup and logoCare
August 17, 2022

Commercialization of first Better for All PHBH Cup

The 16/18 ounce Better for All PHBH Event Cup is made from non-toxic, high heat tolerant and fully compostable PHBH, a unique plant polymer.