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Composting The Cup

Commercial Composting Test 2022

We make Better for All cups with a 100% biobased material called PHBH. PHBH is certified to fully decompose safely in various land and water environments. To ensure that our cup meets the commercial composting standard, we submitted cup samples to an international lab referred by TUV and BPI, the international and U.S. based compostable certification bodies that monitor and set composting certification standards. Certification Standards make it possible for commercial and municipal organics recycling facilities to trust that the compostable materials they accept into their facilities will compost in the same amount of time as the food scraps and landscaping trims they already process.

The progressive photodocumentation shown above is the decomposition of a Better for All 18 oz cup in pure PHBH tested at the lab at commercial composting temperatures. The test for Commercial Compostable Certification can only last 12 weeks.

June 2022
Original cup samples, cut into quarters and blended with organic material and then processed at controlled temperatures. The temperatures are regulated to create the optimal living environment for different aerobic bacteria that eat organic material and turn it into compost.

June 2022
The cup quarters displayed in the test material.

July 2022
The cup pieces have started to decompose and break into smaller pieces of cup, from quarters to smaller chunks. Pieces are “eaten away” at the edges.

August 2022
The cup pieces have broken into smaller pieces, with obvious decomposition.

September 2022
Test has concluded. Test results pending