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Composting The Cup

Home Compostable Certification 2022

The Better for All 18 oz Cup PASSED Home Composting Certification December 2022.

We make Better for All cups with a bio-based material called PHBH. PHBH is a form of PHA, a second generation plant based polymer that is non-toxic and certified to fully and safely decompose in various environments including water and low or no oxygen settings like landfill and anaerobic composters.

To ensure that our cup meets the home composting standard, we submitted cup samples to an international lab referred by TUV and BPI, the international and U.S. based compostable certification bodies that monitor and set composting certification standards.

The progressive photodocumentation shown above is the decomposition of a Better for All 18 oz cup in pure PHBH tested at the lab at room temperature. The test for Home Compostable Certification can last up to 26 weeks. The Better for All Cup Home Compostable Certification test was completed and passed in December 2022. Photos courtesy OWS.