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Commercialization of first Better for All PHBH Cup

Pasadena, CA, April 2022 — Geosphere llc, a developer and manufacturer of non-toxic and compostable products, announces the successful commercialization of a unique PHBH Event Cup–the 16/18 ounce Better for All Cup is made from non-toxic, high heat tolerant and fully compostable PHBH, a unique plant polymer developed by Kaneka Biopolymers.

The Better for All PHBH Cup features a generous base for stability, a continuous curve wall with stacking supports, and can securely fit a standard 98mm plastic or PLA domed, flat or straw-less lid. The Better for All PHBH Cup can be custom printed and/or manufactured in compostable base colors. PHBH is high heat tolerant, making it an ideal candidate for blended coffee drinks, beer, kombucha, non-alcoholic beverages, mixed drinks, milkshakes and boba drinks. The 16/18 oz pour is perfect for stadiums, events, concerts, resorts, and theme parks.

Globally, it is estimated people throw away 500 billion disposable cups annually. Geosphere launched the Better for All trademark in 2021 with a mission to remake the event cup industry using the most non-toxic and environmentally-friendly materials available. Food-related packaging is rarely recycled even when it is recyclable because of food contamination. 

Geosphere selected Kaneka Biopolymer’s Green Planet PHBH as the optimal material for a new fully compostable lightweight non-toxic event cup. Green Planet PHBH has earned seven TUV AUSTRIA certifications and statements of industrial and home compostability, is biodegradable in anaerobic soil, freshwater and marine environments, and is 100% bio-based. Kaneka Biopolymers PHBH is FDA-approved for food contact.

Addendum Dec 2022: The PHBH 18 oz cup is Certified Commercially Compostable.  A 9 oz PHBH cup is piloting January 2023.

Better for All PHBH cups are made in the US.