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Remaking the Event Cup Industry

Geosphere LLC launched the Better for All trademark in 2021 with a mission to remake the event cup industry using the most non-toxic and environmentally-friendly materials available.

Geosphere is proud to introduce the Better for All 18 ounce beer cup, the first of a line of lightweight, nontoxic and compostable cups made with pure PHBH, the most advanced compostable biopolymer available at scale today. Better for All, a longtime admirer of the Green Sports Alliance mission, looks forward to collaborating with member facilities and teams to make sporting events sustainable and even more inspiring to athletes and fans.

Better for All Cups are made with pure Kaneka Biopolymers’ PHBH, which has earned seven TUV AUSTRIA certifications including: 100% biobased, industrially compostable, home compostable, soil degradable, anaerobic, freshwater and marine degradable, and is FDA-approved for food contact. Better for All Cups can be printed and are available in Natural (semi-transparent) and White (opaque).