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Investing in the environment is good business.

For many stadiums and festivals, the natural surroundings are synonymous with the event itself making the environment an incredibly valuable asset to protect.

A Smart Investment, Better for All

Investing today’s dollars in sustainable alternatives is a necessary long-term strategy. The Better for All Cup solves one piece of the puzzle for venues needing to divert waste from landfills, replace single-use plastic, and prioritize the use of renewable products. One cup can help make the future of our most beloved venues, better for all.


We know that with one small change, like a cup, these organizations can make an incredibly meaningful and immediate impact on our environment.

A Responsible Investment

The biggest names in sports and live music entertainment are committed to a future of truly sustainable events happening on the world’s biggest stages.  Knowing this, we are inspired to think about the impact our cup could have.

Invest in the Environment Today
Brand Loyalty - Venue Longevity - Social Responsibility

Green Sports Alliance Vision Statement

“If teams and leagues instead were to showcase their sustainability efforts and use the influence of their brand to encourage fans to follow their lead and adopt sustainable practices, it could create an exponentially positive effect on the natural environment and surrounding communities.”

-Green Sports Alliance, Fan Engagement Playbook

NFL Vision Statement

“The NFL is a responsible steward of the environment in all areas of our business. For 25 years, the NFL has strived to reduce the environmental impact of its events and leave a positive green legacy in host communities.”

Roger Goodell, Commissioner of the NFL

FIFA Sustainability Mandate

“Sustainability has been at the heart of the FIFA World Cup 2023™ from the start, premised on the idea that the preparation and delivery of a mega-sporting event can have a significant long term impact on leaving a greener, more equitable place for generations to come.”

Live Nation Mission Statement

“Hosting over 35,000 concerts and festivals each year, Live Nation has the opportunity and responsibility to provide our artists and fans with a live music experience that protects our planet.”

Michael Rapino, President and CEO, Live Nation Entertainment

AEG Sustainability Mandate

“Our broad venue network and deep fan engagement uniquely position us to raise public awareness about environmental sustainability issues. And that’s exactly what we’re doing.”

AEG Worldwide, AEG 1EARTH

82% of concert music goers said they strive to maintain an environmentally sustainable lifestyle and 81% of sports fans care about the environment.

A Strategic Investment

There is a disconnect for fans as they rarely see rooftop solar panels, LEED certifications, or the post-event trash sorting. An operational focus without tangible examples of venue efforts is a missed opportunity for fan engagement.

The Better for All Cup provides venues with a physical example of its commitment to the environment and to providing fans with choices that are in line with their beliefs, ultimately deepening fan loyalty and engagement opportunities.